It’s quite complex, but we make it easy for you!

1   Mastering

Mastering is the final polish that will make a finished mix into a release that’s ready for listeners to experience on all devices - from iPhone speakers to huge festival sound systems.

2   Cutting

Cutting is the moment your audio file will be physically cut by the mastering engineer into what is called a master plate: i.e. Lacquer or DMM (Direct Metal Mastering).

3   Electroplating

A pair of stampers are created - The stampers are essentially the negatif of the master’s record grooves and are used to press your records.

4   Pressing

That’s it - The big moment is happening - the pressing machine will create a so-called biscuit out of our eco-granulates (PVC without heavy metals) which will be moulded and pressed by the stampers - “et voilà”, your record is born.

5   Quality Control

You can be rest assured that through every step of the process, quality checks take place to ensure you receive the best sounding records. Any records that don’t pass their quality control are being recycled and turned into new granulate, creating new records.

6   Packaging

We are proud to offer our customers shipping boxes made with 100% recycled content and 95% post-consumer waste. Our team takes pride in working with our recycled packaging to ensure our clear values and sustainable-practices of “how it should be done”.

7   Shipping

The ultimate step of the process involves us sending your finished records to your desired place of shipping.